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Free Shipping On All Domestic Orders Over $25!
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About Us

At BG&G our mission is to ensure that a high quality smoking experience is available to all members of the public. Towards this end, we aim to provide you with high-end glass that won't leave your wallet hurting. We source thick and well made pipes from domestic and international glassblowers, and are proud to work with local artists to offer truly unique pieces as well. For the discerning smoker looking for a fine glass smoking pipe, you've come to the right place.

Beyond our glass wares, we aim to provide the general public with the best-selected equipment for indoor gardening. We know our customers value independence and individualism, which is why we offer you the ability to grow plants in the sanctity of your own home. Whether it's for growing fresh vegetables, having gorgeous flowers in the heart of winter, or controlling the production of your own tobacco or mullein for smoking, an indoor garden is empowering.

For any customers in the area, we operate a showroom and store in far Western MA. Located conveniently close to several recreational dispensaries, including Great Barrington's own Theory Wellness. Aside from our pipes and cultivation equipment, we're happy to offer our local customers installation and care services for their grow tent. Though currently only available in-store, we also now offer custom sandblasting for all of our bongs and some other pipes.