Consistency, reliability and great prices

We're a smoke shop with values - values which ensure we always provide a satisfactory experience for our customers. You'll want to shop with us because...

  • We have great prices across the board and always beat the competition
  • We carry brands known for being high-quality, and work with local artisans
  • We offer water pipes, smoke accessories, cannabis grow lights, cannabis seeds & more. We keep a consistent selection with every product you could possibly want
  •  We can be relied on for expert advice whenever you need help while shopping

  When you need to visit a smoke shop you know will have what you need, come to Glass & Grow - the People's Smokeshop.

You Just Found Your New Favorite Smoke Shop

Visit Berkshire Glass & Grow in Great Barrington, MA

Looking for a reliable smoke shop that has everything you need? Look no further than Berkshire Glass & Grow. You can buy everything from cannabis accessories to cannabis seeds at our storefront. We even work with local glass blowers to source our smoking pipes. Plus, the seeds we sell are sourced from reputable breeders throughout the United States and Europe.

Whether you're starting a new growing project or need a replacement pipe, we have something for you. Visit either of our shop in Great Barrington, MA today.