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The Ideal Indoor Garden
Berkshire Glass & Grow

The Ideal Indoor Garden

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Unfortunately, the weight of the equipment– about 120 pounds total –means we can't ship the package to you via conventional channels, so we've taken it upon ourselves to deliver the Ideal Indoor Garden to any customer in Massachusetts. For all our out-of-staters, we apologize and hope to be able to supply you in the near future. For all our Mass supporters, if you decide this is the garden for you, one of our Partners will personally arrange the delivery or your equipment at a convenient time. We also offer the professional installation of your equipment with delivery. Please feel free to contact us for more info. 


The Package

Here at BG&G we believe in products of quality and integrity, and never more so than when the health and happiness of your plants is at stake. That's why our Ideal package includes top brand Viparspectra LED lights and Vivosun products. It also includes everything you'll need to maximize plant growth and health in the wonderful indoor environment you're about to create. 

1x Vivosun 5'x5' Grow Tent

4x ViparSpectra 450W Reflector Series Lights

1x Humidity & Temperature Gauge (Batteries Included)

4x Hanging Clips for Lights

1x 8' Length of 6" ducting

1x 6" In-Line Carbon Filter

1x 6" In-Line 440CFM Blower Fan

1x 6" Two-Layer ducting Cap (Intake Filter)

1x UV Proctective Sunglasses

1x 25' 10 Gauge Extension Cable

1x Outlet Splitter and Mechanical Timer

1x 2 Gallon Watering Can

2x Nonstick, Ergonomic Plant Trimmers

4x 10 Gallon Mesh Plant Bags

4x 18" Plant Dishes

1x 32OZ Fox Farm Tiger Bloom 

1x 32OZ Fox Farm Big Bloom

1x 32OZ Fox Farm Grow Big

3x Cloth Towels

Now that you know what you'll be getting, give us a moment to explain our choices. Really, getting the best growth, the healthiest development, and the nicest blooms from your plants comes down to three things: Light, Soil, and Environment. 


This tent is sized most appropriately for four large plants, so with four lights hanging one can be perfectly centered on each plant. With the reflective walls close at hand, the plants will receive light from all sides. Also with four 450W lights in the space, the wattage per square foot is on the high side of the recommended range, where plants that love sunlight thrive. ViparSpectra Grow Lights have heavy UV output and relatively low electric consumption as LEDs. They're also metal construction and very sturdily built, but the real claim too fame of the ViparSpectra lights is their two-switch, two-spectrum system. A second power switch controls additional LEDs that can be turned on to help transition plants from a vegetative state into flowering. Make sure to always wear your protective glasses though, these lights are strong!


A huge part of growing sensitive plants most effectively is giving them the environmental conditions they need. A big part of this is having the right light, but temperature, humidity, and air circulation are all important as well. This is why having a 5'x5' tent is ideal – the air volume is enough for circulation, temperature, and humidity consistency while still being a small enough area to maximize light efficiency. The tent alone is not enough though, we include 6" ducting with an in-line fan, intake filter, and exhaust carbon filter. This gives the plants the circulation they need, and the intake filter purges any large particulates or mold spores from the air they breathe. The exhaust filter is a heavy in-line filter designed to remove all smells from the air leaving the tent. Keep an eye on humidity and temperature conditions with a touchscreen sensor, and freely adjust your tent to keep the ideal environment for your plants at all times.


Regretfully due to shipping weight restrictions, we don't include the necessary soil with purchase – but that doesn't mean we won't send you everything else you need to get the most out of it! We recommend Fox Farm brand soils, especially their organic Happy Frog Potting Soil for use with most indoor gardening. The soil your plants will be growing in is important to them, but even the nicest soils need to be optimized. That's why we include reusable mesh potting bags, which allow for a much greater deal of soil aeration, in turn promoting rapid root growth. We also include a trio of the essential nutrients for vegetative or blooming plants from Fox Farm, which give your plants the extra boost they need to thrive. 


Purchasing The Ideal Indoor Garden is no small commitment. This is a large package with considerable costs, including continued additional expenses in electricity and gardening supplies. Tending to a small indoor garden can be a lot of work as well with watering, pruning, and caring wanted almost daily. Now with that said, the pleasure you'll take in a good harvest and the joy of witnessing the growth of your own plants from seed to flower makes the work seem inconsequential. And the costs, while not insignificant, are quickly outpaced by the productive capacity of the garden as long as it's well cared for.

If you're considering a purchase but have questions or doubts and would like to consult with a BG&G representative, or you're interested in a special out-of-state installation, or if you're additionally interested in expert installation of the garden, please email us at or leave a message at 413 591 0413. 

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